Step 1  Place the cloud template on your cardstock toward the top of scene.

Step 2  Using a dauber and pigment ink, lightly drag color upward from the template onto the paper
creating an area of sky.

Step 3  Gradually lower and turn the template as you apply more layers of color and admire your
cloudy sky.
Cloud Stencil
First, gather your tools for making cloudy skies.
Step 1  Place your Stamp-a-ma-jig (SAMJ) on a flat surface and slide
the imaging sheet snuggly into the corner of the handle.
Step 2  Ink the stamp you will be positioning - in this case, I'm using
the beaver.  While holding the SAMJ in place, align your stamp snuggly
in the corner and carefully stamp it on the image sheet.  
Step 3  Ink the second stamp (in this case, the limb) and stamp it on
the piece of cardstock you want to use.  

Step 4  Then position the imaging sheet on the cardstock where you
want your image to be placed.
These are the tools I'm going to use to stamp the beaver on the limb.
Step 5  Take the SAMJ and reposition it snuggly into the corner of the
imaging sheet.  Holding the SAMJ in place, carefully remove the imaging

Step 6  Ink the first stamp again (in this case, the beaver), carefully fit
it into the corner of the SAMJ and stamp it on the cardstock.  It's time to
carefully remove your stamp and see your perfectly placed image.
There are no limits to the fun you can have using a Micron pen and adding a few lines to a stamped
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