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Be My Valentine
Fish Bowl - Fred & Ethel
Heart Duo
Be My Valentine
Richard - Heart Flower
Who Loves You, Baby?
Richard - Receiver
Whoop Dee Do!
Richard - Mailbox - Love Note
Spread Love
Buds at Heart
I don't care, I love him anyway.
Persephone - Richard - Necktie
Val Boxers
Love is in the Air
Gloria - Two Hearts - Heart
Wild Thing!
Ramond - Val Boxers - Tramp
Coffee, Tea or Me?
Richard - Receiver - Val Boxers
Pucker Up!
Persephone - High Heels
me & you
Happy Valentine's Day
Fiona - Lumpy Grass
Heart Balloon - Med Heart Balloon
Sm Heart Balloon
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Grows - Sprinkles
A little too much chocolate...
Persephone - Tied Heart
Love is in the Air
Heart Balloon - Cloud - Sally
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